Download a 2016-2017 membership application here.
Please mail application & dues checks to:
Edmund Neidlinger
C/O Broad Mountain Hunting Club
33 Pine Lane
Pine Grove, PA 17963

Please message us for info on joining up prior to the dues change in August.

Beginning August 2016, yearly dues are $425 + gun ticket sales (mandatory 6 tickets per month at $5 each) or a flat $650 with no required gun ticket sales. Spouses / children under 18 are included with your membership. There is year round access to the land for hunting, hiking, camping & outdoor activities. Guests are allowed as long as they are not hunting. There is a cabin / pavilion area for members’ use.

Two work details are encouraged per year. These are generally very easy and good for the members to meet & get to know each other.

Each adult hunter is allowed one deer per year. Junior hunters (16 & under) may harvest both a doe & a buck as we want to encourage youth interest in hunting. Doe hunting is allowed anywhere on the property for junior / senior hunters. Regular adult hunters may hunt doe in the area known as the Hollow (or if they won a doe privilege in a raffle). With the exception of junior hunters, there is a 1 doe limit per paid membership (if a husband shoots a doe, his wife would only be allowed a buck etc). All deer must be tagged with a valid PA game tag. All other limits are set by PA game law.

If you would like more info about joining up, please contact us!


3 Responses to Membership

  1. I am wondering if I can get an email address or a phone number so I can inquire about a membership. Thank you,

    Michael Miller

    • Hello Michael, I am the the Admin for BNHC. I just seen your request. I would like to know if you have been answered and someone got info to you if not please reply and I will do what it takes to get you the info you need. Could you please let me know what area you are from this will help me to help you better thank you.

      Cindy Garver Admin for BMHC

  2. Sorry been having issues with our site how can I help you membership is due august 1 2018 at 500.00. Limited spots

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