Kids and seniors rule for 2018-2019 for doe.

Only kids  may shot a buck and a doe ON THE LEASE.

Only if you have been a member for 5 years and are a senior  licenses holder may you shoot a doe anywhere on the lease.  BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE NOT TAKEN A BUCK. ONCE YOU SHOOT A DOE YOU MAY NOT SHOOT  A BUCK. OR IF YOU HAVE SHOT  A BUCK  YOU MAY NOT TAKE A DOE ON LEASE.

AS A MEMBER SINGLE OR FAMILY, once you have shot a buck you may not take a doe.  As a family you each may take a buck but if one of your family would shoot a doe they now can not take a buck and NO ONE ELSE IN YOUR FAMILY CAN TAKE A DOE.

Anyone may take a doe in the hollow this season.  Please remember  once you take a doe YOU MAY NOT TAKE A BUCK. Unless your name was pulled for the doe raffle.

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