With new board of directors  comes changes.  If you  want to be heard or have concerns  for what goes on at BMHC,     YOU as a member NEED TO ATTEND. FEBRUARY  7TH  at 7pm this is a Wednesday. 

Why,  should you attend this meeting? The directors  want to limit the number of tree stands a member  can have. They want your input on what you feel would be the correct number.  To do so you need to attend February 7th meeting.  If you do not voice your concern or number at this meeting, you lost your chance.  After February club meeting members who didn’t attend can’t complain about the decision that is made by the directors.  YES WE UNDERSTAND  some can not make meetings so   you may email cindy at  if you absolutely CAN NOT make meeting with your number for stands or any other concerns just for this meeting.

Name tags on treestands still need to be placed by MAY 1st or your stands will be removed  by directors.

The new directors want to make the club better, they want to hear your concerns or changes you would like seen as a member.  If you do not come to meetings you are not heard.  The board could of made a number for stands at January’s  meeting but there was only 10 members who attened.  So to be fair to all members they are holding off till February’s  meeting to see what  members who did no make last meeting have to say.  I thank the board for that decision to give members a chance to be heard.

Please pass this information to  other members.

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