December 6th meeting report.

New president , Kurt Wessner

Vice-president,  Larry Bender

Sec/Trea, Edmund Niedlinger

Board members are

Dwayne Kimmel, Brian Gelsinger, Mike Cockill, Wayne Dinger ,Scott Bender.

IMPORTANT NOTICE by May 1st, each member will have name, phone number written or have a tag at eye level on your tree stands.  Board  members said if your name is not on treestands  by May 1st the board members WILL REMOVE  each stand that doesn’t  have name on.

The idea of having a fundraiser  to sell tickets for pig that will be pre cut and wrapped  to the winner. Sell 250 tickets at $5.00 a ticket.   All members are asked to help sell tickets, please.



There will be hay under pavilion  to be able to be placed out for the deer as of February  1st.  This is for members to take and put out were you want to feed deer.  HAY IS NOT TO TAKE HOME.  This is for club use only.



Cindy is still waiting for photos of game that was harvest  2017.  Send photos in text to 7176296391.   Need by January 20th.

BMHC,  would like to wish everyone a happy new year.


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