Club meeting Sept 7th 2016

10 members were present at the meeting.
2 board members 1 board member came at very end of meeting
officers were present
Read over august meeting notes
went over old business
Discussed Haunted Hay Ride.
BMHC has room for 15 member, if you know of anyone that would be a good member for the club please show them around the land so that they can join.

Brian Gelsinger will be placing an add in the Lancaster Farmer and Cindy will be placing on craiglist for new members.

With Jay Locke stepping down as our VP. The duty of web page and correspondence etc were giving to Cindy Garver. So please be patient as she learns the web page and gets everyone info and organized.

If you are a member please summit your email to Cindy so that she can email each member with updates and changes . If you prefer a text message she will need your cell number.

As a member you check off on your application about work details you must attend 2 work details if not you will owe $50.00 for each work detail not attended. You must attend 2. The club offers several work details through out the membership year.

Gun tickets for September will go off in October. There will be 2 separate drawings at the October 5th, 2016. Yes September and Octobers at the meeting. (Tickets will be mailed out to members.)

This 10th Saturday and maybe 11th Sunday is the mandatory work detail for Haunted Hay ride walk thru area. This is a major undertaken that takes at least 8 weekends and money to get this area ready and Cindy is not going to do it all herself anymore., Cindy has a lot going on and doesn’t have the time this year. She has asked for this work detail for help. If only a few member show ( at this point only 4 are coming, that isnt enough) she will not do the walk through she will set up along the road like other members do. If you decide to come to help please brings tools along battery operated drills etc. shovels sledge hammer. any donation of supplies like tarps chicken wire, 2x4s, skids, screws nails duct tape, rope, etc is appreciated.

There is also a Facebook broad mountain hunting club group it is private so if you want to join must let me know you are a member. I post info on that group also.

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