Want to Thank Jay Locke for all he has done at BMHC

Some of the members may have not heard that Jay Locke VP, has stepped down from his position at BMHC.  He has other responsibilities that he needs to address at this time.  He looks forward to rejoining in the future.

If you never got a chance to meet our former VP, you missed meeting a great member.   Jay would greet you with a smile and how are you doing, “did you seeing anything today”.  He would be up on the mountain sharing the outdoors with his kids. Jay would take every chance he got to explore the mountain to find the perfect spot.

BMHC would like to thank Jay for all he has done for the club,  from starting a web site to taking VP when asked and for showing potential members around also for helping with the haunted hay ride and much more.  Jay you will be missed and your always welcome at BMHC.  Look forward in seeing you on the mountain sometime in the future. Best wishes to you.

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