Happy New Year 2016!

DingerDeer_20152016 Officers
President: Wayne Dinger
Vice-President: Jay Locke
Treasurer / Secretary: Edmund Neidlinger

2016 Board Members
Scott Bender
Brian Gelsinger
Dwayne Kimmel
Richard Kocher
Deron Ludwig

Scott Bender won the Taurus Judge gun raffle. Michael Garver won the 50/50.

20 deer were harvested this year by members, including this monster by our new president, Wayne Dinger! 5 deer were found as unclaimed / poached.

New for this year, please MARK YOUR TREE STANDS with your name, phone number / email info so that any conflicts can be worked out between members. If you are OK or NOT OK with others going up in your stand, please mark that as well. Please remember that we share all of the land together, but we want to make sure everyone has ample room to not feel crowded.

We have the new combination locks on many of the gates. If they don’t lock easily, please don’t force them. The numbers must be on the correct combination to close.

We will have an in depth discussion about our food plot plan at our February meeting (Feb. 3). Please come out if you have any agricultural or planting experience, or would just like to help out.

Go shoot coyotes!!!

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