Dues are DUE!

Yearly dues are DUE at the August meeting on Wednesday, August 5 at 7pm. Dues will remain the same for the ’15-’16 year. You either pay $550 flat, with no mandatory gun ticket sales, or $355 plus mandatory monthly gun ticket sales (6 tickets at $5 each every month). Those members that choose the gun ticket option MUST sell all of their gun tickets or purchase them themselves or they will not be allowed hunt or rejoin. Applications will be available at the meeting, or you can download & print one HERE.

There is no gun ticket for the August meeting. We have Pick 3 tickets for those members who normally sell gun tickets. Each ticket is $5 and pays $200. We will use the EVENING numbers on August 5th from the Pennsylvania Lottery HERE. Winners are asked to call Edmund at 717-523-1054 if they are not at the meeting & they have 30 days to claim their prize (by September 4th, 2015).

There will be a work detail on Sunday, August 9th from 8am to Noon. We want to get the locks changed to the combination locks, patch the roof on the club house, cut grass & post the property. Any new members who would like to learn the boundaries, this is a great opportunity to go along and help post.

Brian Gelsinger won the 50/50 & Kris Bender won the gun raffle at the July meeting – congrats!

DOE hunting for ’15-’16: Doe hunting rules will remain the same as last year. Junior (16 & under) & Senior (65+) hunters will be allowed to take a doe anywhere on the property. Regular adult members can take a doe in the Hollow (the pole line to 209). To encourage youth hunting, we allow Juniors to take both 1 doe and 1 buck. For everyone else, there is a 1 doe per paid membership policy. That means if a husband takes a doe in the hollow, his wife will only be allowed 1 buck. A legal antlerless doe tag is required.

There will be a doe raffle at the August meeting. 5 tickets will be drawn at $5 a ticket. This ticket will allow a regular adult member to take a doe anywhere on the property instead of just down in the hollow. The ticket does not allow for an additional deer to be taken, it just allows them to take a doe wherever they are on the property. A legal antlerless doe tag is required.

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