May Meeting Highlights

Edmund Neidlinger won the gun raffle
Waylon Bender won the 50/50

A big thanks to Cindy & Michael and the rest of the food plot committee for coming up with a plan for the plots this year. Cindy is planning on trying out Sunn Hemp to help keep the weeds down & restore nutrients to the soil. They will be up THIS WEEKEND, May 10 & 11 to start plowing/discing the fields – after some turkey hunting in the morning of course. They will start around 1pm if you are able to lend a hand. They will also be up on Saturday May 17th before the WORK DETAIL if you want to come up early.

The WORK DETAIL will be on Sunday, May 18 from 8am-Noon. Hot dogs & soda will be provided. Please bring chainsaws, rakes, gloves and any other tools you might have to clear brush & trees. We will be doing some work on the range, cleaning up in preparation for the PIG ROAST, cleaning along the road, installing gas lights, fixing the large generator & some electrical repairs, installing a sign at the entrance on Lincoln Road, and of course working on food plots. There will be plenty to do!

T-Shirts will be ordered to have at the PIG ROAST. Please contact Billie Jo or Cindy with sizes if you would like to pre-order. They will be without pockets unless you pre-order & specify you want a pocket, so please let someone know. The design will be posted on the Facebook group page for you to see.

Please let anyone you know who might be thinking about joining to get in touch with Larry as the new season will be approaching fast. We plan on having all 12 months of gun raffle tickets ready when people pay their dues in August. That way the club can save on postage sending them out & people will have them to sell in advance. The current plan is to keep yearly dues at $355 for members who sell or buy 12 months of tickets ($5 per ticket, 6 tickets per month), or pay yearly dues of $550 up front in August.

See you all at the WORK DETAIL on Sunday, May 18th!

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