March meeting highlights

Congrats to the Feb / March drawing winners!
Gift Card: Barry M.
Feb Gun: Mike T.
March Gun: Don K.
50/50: Roy H.
Coyote Contest winner: Kenny M.

Tickets for the pig roast will be available at next months meeting.

The scheduled April work detail has been moved to Sunday, May 18th from 8am-Noon so that it is closer to the date of the pig roast. The April & May meetings will be held on their regular days – Wed, April 2 & Wed, May 7. There will be no work detail in April!

Alfalfa & corn have been put out for the deer & they have been going crazy for the hay. Another load will be going to the club this Saturday, March 8th if anyone would like to come help move bales around the property.

The Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for Saturday, April 19. All are welcome – please feel free to bring friends & relatives. There will be hot dogs & drinks for the kids – plenty of prizes, candy & games. If anyone would like to donate toys, prizes, candy, eggs, baskets etc or help decorating, please contact Bonnie / Larry.

Gun tickets are going out soon if you didn’t get them at the meeting. They will be for April, May & June.

The gas lights have been purchased & we will be putting them in soon. Also, we will be working to make the range back stop larger. At the work detail, we will move over some more downed trees & get some fill dirt in there. Chris D. generously supplied some new heavy-duty posted signs to the club, thanks! He would like to go with someone who knows the boundaries & post them down in the hollow.

Next meeting: Wednesday, April 2 at 7pm

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