January highlights

News from the January meeting on the 8th:

Cody Peticher won the 1st round of the coyote contest with 40.5 lb – congrats! Tickets for the 2nd round are still for sale. Please see David L. or Buck B. for tickets. They should also still be available at Keefer’s gun shop & Dixon’s Muzzleloading shop.

As of the meeting the deer harvest was 22 (6 doe). I think there may have been a few more for the rest of flintlock season. Larry saw 14 people out on opening day – plenty of acreage to go around.

It was decided to add 2 gas lamps to the club house to provide light & a little heat for times when we don’t want to run the generator. Cindy will get the parts together.

We will be looking into adding hay bales out for the deer. If anyone has anything to use to keep hay bales dry that they wouldn’t mind donating or building, please let us know.

There’s a drawing for a $200 gift card – at the February meeting. Please see Scott B. for donation tickets.

If you use the generators, you must replace the fuel used. If you are unsure of what type of fuel to use or how to use the generators, please stop & call Larry, Edmund or ask someone who knows how to run it.

Gun tickets will be going until June. Jay L. won the gun ticket this month. Please contact Edmund if you need tickets.

We’re starting to think about the pig roast in June. If you have any ideas for prizes, games or entertainment, please bring your ideas to the meetings. Tickets should be made pretty soon. Your membership purchases 2 tickets. Others will be $15 per person. All you can eat & drink – roast pork, bbq chicken, games, prizes & raffles all day. Saturday, June 14 from Noon-5pm (or later).

We currently have about 60 members. We discussed putting the cap on at 70 members again, but the number hasn’t been finalized. If you have any friends or family who are on the fence about joining up, please let them know to do it now!

Hope to see people out at the next meeting on Wednesday, February 5 at 7pm!

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