November meeting highlights

Congrats to Casey Kroh on winning the gun ticket & David Lehr on winning the 50/50.

Dues: We decided to make the dues simpler & better for the club. We are doing away with the mandatory gun raffle sales & raising the yearly dues to $550. If you purchased your own gun raffle tickets every month instead of selling them, your yearly payment will be going down. This will help the club to prioritize payment of the land leases. We will still do fund raisers throughout the year, but that money will be put towards club improvements & events instead of the lease.

The Halloween Hayride was unfortunately rained out on Friday, but the Saturday ride was a big success. Thanks to all who came out to help, with an extra big thanks to Cindy Garver. She put in many, many hours of her time to get everything ready for the haunted walk-through.

Please refrain from target shooting on the gun range during hunting season, with the exception of Sundays. There are many hunters out & we need to raise the backstop to ensure that no strays go over top & put anyone in danger.

Club officer nominations are Larry Bender for President, Edmund Neidlinger for Secretary/Treasurer & Jay Locke for Vice-President (Derron wants to step down as VP).

There is a $5 buck pool. Please contact Scott or Buck Bender for more info.

The coyote hunt tickets are in. Please contact David Lehr or Buck Bender for tickets. I will be making some more tickets, so you can email me as well. $5 per hunt for the heaviest coyote – winner splits the pot 50/50 with the club. Please see the flier for details – email/facebook it to any friends or relatives who might be interested.

We are selling Marlin’s Pizza from Sunbury. Buy 1 pizza for $6 or buy 2 for $10. Money and order forms must be turned into Scott Bender no later than November 30th. Pizza pickup will be on Saturday, December 7th at the clubhouse (they are frozen pizzas) or at the January meeting. There will be a $50 prize for whoever sells the most pizzas (taken off your next year’s dues). All proceeds will benefit the club.

Scott & his buck

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