July News

Beerfest has been moved from July 20 to Saturday, August 3rd. The August club meeting will also be held on Saturday, August 3rd at 9am so it will be more convenient for members to attend. There will be all-you-can-drink beer / soda, soup and roast pig (pig is being donated). Cost will be $10 if you already have a mug – $13 if you need to buy the mug. There will also be a 50/50 block shoot after the meeting. Beerfest will start at 1pm.

Please have your applications, waivers & dues at the August meeting, or send to Edmund before the meeting if you won’t be able to attend. PLEASE PAY YOUR FULL DUES OF $355.00 TO THE CLUB EVEN IF YOU HAVE MONEY FROM 50/50 COMING TO YOU. These are two different things.

We have t-shirts, mugs and hats available for purchase. All the money goes to help club. Hats are prepaid before being ordered – call Cindy if you want a hat.

Gates have been fixed. Please keep them LOCKED. Please KEEP OUT of the FOOD PLOTS. When driving anything on the land it is 15 mph, no racing or tearing up roads or food plots. In doing so, you will ruin it for other members who enjoying using the land.

September starts winter meetings on first Wednesday of each month (September 4). If you liked having the meetings on Sundays, please let the club know this.

At this time there is no doe hunting on the land (this may change later).

The board of directors will meet to set dates for events: doe drawing, buck pool, to if there will be certain days to hunt doe in the hollow like last year. If you have anything to bring up with the board, please call one of the board members / President Larry Bender. NOW IS THE  TIME!

We had a great time at the pig roast – good turn out. It didn’t cost the club anything for the pig roast – money paid out was made back.

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