June Meeting Highlights

We had a good meeting on Sunday. It was a beautiful day & the attendance was decent. We discussed cups & shirts for Beerfest. Prices will be coming soon.


Cindy will be ordering hats for $10 each. Please get in touch with her to place your order.


There will be a clean up on Friday evening for the Pig Roast this weekend. If you can help out, please show up! At the Pig Roast, there will be Coors Light & Miller Light, plus some additional cases of beer. People will be bringing pies / cakes / desserts – please bring whatever you would like. There will be bbq chickens, pork, hot dogs, bean soup, chicken & corn soup plus whatever anyone cares to bring to share.


We have gun tickets ordered through December 2013, so there will be mandatory gun ticket sales for the rest of the year. After the new membership year (August to August), we will have a better idea of how much we’ll need for the following year & the gun tickets will come up for a vote again.


The July meeting is scheduled for Sunday, July 7th at 9am. We will hold a vote then to decide if we’re keeping with Sunday meetings or moving them back to Wednesdays.

Yearly membership dues are due at the meeting in August ($355).

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