April Meeting Highlights

The work detail & Sunday meeting was a great success. Thanks to all who came out. We got quite a bit done on the bunk room in the club house & we have an impressive new outhouse out back. We still have quite a bit more to accomplish, so we’ve decided to add another work detail next month, before the meeting – Sunday, May 5 (work detail 8am – Noon, meeting at Noon). You need to attend 2 work details per membership year, but if you come out extra, it really helps the club get alot done. There will be more work detail opportunities later this year. We will be working on the bunk room & doing some more clean up around the camp. We will hold another vote next month whether we should continue the meetings on Sundays or Wednesdays, so if you want to make your voice heard, please attend May 5.

Pig Roast tickets are now available! Each member gets 2 included with their membership, and we are asking everyone to try & sell 2 more ($15 per ticket). Many members who attended the work detail / meeting didn’t pick theirs up. Please contact Edmund (bmhcsectreas@hotmail.com) if you haven’t received your tickets or if you need some extras to sell. You will need to bring your stubs to the pig roast to attend.

It was voted at the meeting to continue doing gun raffles so that we can build up funds for improvements to the clubhouse, more feeding plots and possibly leasing another large plot of land (I believe they said it would be another 600 acres or so). Speaking of the gun raffle, Larry Bender won the gun at this month’s drawing, congrats Larry! Buck won a very sizable pool from the 50/50 tickets, so it was a good day to be a Bender. 🙂

There’s plans to make up some commemorative mugs with the names of the members who shot a deer on BMHC land this year, and possible putting a pic of the member with the largest deer. We’ve tentatively set a date for a “Mug Social” on Saturday, July 20th from 1pm-6pm. You would pay a small fee & drink all you want from your new mug – beer or soda – along with soup & hot dogs etc. We would hold raffles all day & possibly do a block shoot. Any suggestions or requests, please get in touch with Larry or bring them up at the meeting.

The Jeep club will be hosting a race this upcoming weekend (April 13th), so please be aware that they will be using the land for that & we should all accommodate them for their event – they help us out when we need it as well. They are looking for helpers & will pay $80 or $100 (weren’t sure of the info on that). If you’re interested, please see Buck Bender. After the race, someone will be grading the road so it should be nice & smooth after.

Good luck with the Trout & Spring Gobbler coming up!

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