January Meeting Highlights

Happy New Year!

Current membership number is very close to being maxed out. If you have any friends or family that are thinking about joining, now is the time as there might not be spots open at the re-up in August.

The main lease and the lease on the Hollow have both been paid for the year. We will still continue to have mandatory gun ticket sales for all member though as there are still many bills left to be paid. Tickets for February will be sent out soon. The drawing will be for a Remington 7600 in .35 Rem! Again, these tickets are mandatory for all members; you won’t be able to re-join next year if you haven’t covered the cost of these tickets. If you would like to sell more than the 6 required tickets, you can download a sheet to print some off yourself here. Also, Scott B. was getting some extras (I think), so please track him down. There was discussion of awarding people who sell extra with money off of next year’s dues, but it was not settled. It will be discussed again at February’s meeting.

Congrats to David Hartman on winning the Ruger American Rifle 243!

The Easter egg hunt has been set for Saturday, March 30th at 1pm. There will be hot dogs, drinks, chips and plenty of candy for the kids. If anyone would like to donate food or help out, please contact a board member.

As a reminder, all gates should be closed going in and out. Please lock it behind you as you enter & when you leave. Too many gates are being left open and a tree stand was stolen this year. That is also our best method of keeping out poachers & trespassers. We discussed again the need to re-post some of the lines. If anyone is interested in helping out with that, please contact a board member.

We discussed working on the food plots for the upcoming work detail on April 8th. If you have any tools to help clear off land, cut down trees or cultivate etc, please plan on bringing them – chainsaws would be particularly helpful. If you’re unsure of what could be of use, please contact a board member or come a club meeting. If any members have any leads on free or very cheap compost / manure, and can assist in getting it transported to the club land, please get in touch.

We discussed the bunk addition as well & materials are being gathered. This added space will make overnight trips much more pleasant. If you have any building experience or materials you would like to donate, please contact a board member.


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