December Meeting Highlights

A reminder about the January meeting: it is scheduled for Wednesday, January 9 at 7pm instead of January 2.

Congrats to Jim DeLisio, winner of the 45/410 Taurus Judge!

Board members were nominated. President: Larry Bender; Vice-President: Deron Ludwig; Secretary/Treasurer: Edmund Neidlinger

Dates were set for the Elk Roast (Sat, March 23 at 5pm – $10) & Pig Roast (Sat, June 8 at Noon-8pm – $15). Two Work Detail dates were set for Sunday, April 7 at 8am-Noon & Sunday, July 21 at 8am-Noon.

It was discussed to move the meetings from the first Wednesday to the first Sunday of the month to encourage higher attendance & participation. It was decided to have the first Sunday meeting in April, after the work detail – Sunday, April 7 at Noon.

Unfortunately, we are still short for lease payment on the Hollow. It was voted to keep the Hollow as part of our lease. Larry Bender will work with the landowners for more time while the remaining funds are collected. It was decided to have another gun raffle set for February (drawing at the Feb 6 meeting). Tickets for the February drawing & details on the gun will be sent out this month. Again, these tickets will be mandatory, meaning each member is responsible for selling them or paying for them. We still had many unsold / not payed for this month’s drawing on the Taurus. Please get payment for the January drawing back to Edmund asap if possible.

We also formed a Fundraising Committee, having the first meeting Wednesday, January 9 at 6pm. We hope to work on raising extra money before the year end crunch to pay the leases. If anyone who was not at the December meeting would like to help out / share ideas, please show up at the clubhouse then or email suggestions to me through the site & I will pass them on.

If anyone has any shots of their deer they harvested this season, or any other nice shots from your time out in the field, please email them over to me & I will put them up in the photos section. Also, if you have not done so, please email me your contact info or fill it out on the forms in the clubhouse. I am collecting everyone’s info for the Member Directory. Once I have the info posted, I will email everyone a password to use.

It was suggested to have a “Suggestion Box” here on the site so everyone can send in comments or bring up issues anonymously. I will get these to the meetings for review.

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