Club meeting Sept 7th 2016

10 members were present at the meeting.
2 board members 1 board member came at very end of meeting
officers were present
Read over august meeting notes
went over old business
Discussed Haunted Hay Ride.
BMHC has room for 15 member, if you know of anyone that would be a good member for the club please show them around the land so that they can join.

Brian Gelsinger will be placing an add in the Lancaster Farmer and Cindy will be placing on craiglist for new members.

With Jay Locke stepping down as our VP. The duty of web page and correspondence etc were giving to Cindy Garver. So please be patient as she learns the web page and gets everyone info and organized.

If you are a member please summit your email to Cindy so that she can email each member with updates and changes . If you prefer a text message she will need your cell number.

As a member you check off on your application about work details you must attend 2 work details if not you will owe $50.00 for each work detail not attended. You must attend 2. The club offers several work details through out the membership year.

Gun tickets for September will go off in October. There will be 2 separate drawings at the October 5th, 2016. Yes September and Octobers at the meeting. (Tickets will be mailed out to members.)

This 10th Saturday and maybe 11th Sunday is the mandatory work detail for Haunted Hay ride walk thru area. This is a major undertaken that takes at least 8 weekends and money to get this area ready and Cindy is not going to do it all herself anymore., Cindy has a lot going on and doesn’t have the time this year. She has asked for this work detail for help. If only a few member show ( at this point only 4 are coming, that isnt enough) she will not do the walk through she will set up along the road like other members do. If you decide to come to help please brings tools along battery operated drills etc. shovels sledge hammer. any donation of supplies like tarps chicken wire, 2x4s, skids, screws nails duct tape, rope, etc is appreciated.

There is also a Facebook broad mountain hunting club group it is private so if you want to join must let me know you are a member. I post info on that group also.

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Want to Thank Jay Locke for all he has done at BMHC

Some of the members may have not heard that Jay Locke VP, has stepped down from his position at BMHC.  He has other responsibilities that he needs to address at this time.  He looks forward to rejoining in the future.

If you never got a chance to meet our former VP, you missed meeting a great member.   Jay would greet you with a smile and how are you doing, “did you seeing anything today”.  He would be up on the mountain sharing the outdoors with his kids. Jay would take every chance he got to explore the mountain to find the perfect spot.

BMHC would like to thank Jay for all he has done for the club,  from starting a web site to taking VP when asked and for showing potential members around also for helping with the haunted hay ride and much more.  Jay you will be missed and your always welcome at BMHC.  Look forward in seeing you on the mountain sometime in the future. Best wishes to you.

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NO September Gun Tickets

Due to a problem getting the tickets, the September gun ticket has been cancelled. More info to follow at the September meeting.

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Come & enjoy the day! $15 per person, $25 a couple. B.Y.O.B. Fun, Food & Friends. Noon – 7pm

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Pig Roast Work Detail, June 12

A work detail is set for June 12th at 8am. We will work to get the clubhouse ready for the Pig Roast (Saturday, June 25). Also, we are responsible as a club to keep certain roads in our area litter free. Even If you don’t plan on coming to the pig roast, please come and help do road clean-up. As a member of the club, please take pride & responsibility for your part in helping keep our area litter free. Come out and help clean up! Thank you BMHC.

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Work Detail on Sunday 4/24/16

Reminder that we will have a work detail this Sunday, April 24 from 8am to Noon. After, there will be shooting on the Lehr’s property – 1,000 & 450 yard ranges. That will start at 1pm. See you there!

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April 2016 Update

Yearly dues will be going up this August. This is the first time the dues have been raised in many years, even though our lease costs steadily rise each year. The dues for August 2016 – July 2017 will be as follows:
• $425 + monthly mandatory gun ticket sales (6 at $5 each per month)
• $650 with no mandatory gun ticket sales
• Seniors 65+ who have been members of the club for 5+ years, and attend a majority of monthly meetings every year receive a $100 discount.

WORK DETAIL scheduled for Sunday, April 24 from 8am to Noon
We will be doing road & club clean up and getting the food plots ready for planting. Please bring work gloves & if anyone has discs or plows to run on the back of ATVs, please get in touch. Thanks to D. Lehr for purchasing a variety of seeds for food plots.

After the work detail on Sunday, April 24, D. Lehr has invited members to come along to his family’s coal property to shoot. They have a spot to reach out & shoot 1,000 yards! Bring out your best rifle & see if you can ring the steel at distance.

2016 PIG ROAST scheduled for Saturday, June 25 from Noon to ??
We will not be doing pre-sale tickets this year. Members are free. Guests are $15 (16 & under are free). Come out for some roasted pig, drinks, chicken, games, raffles etc.

R. Kocher won the April gun
Spring Raffle winners:
Muzzleloader – J. Locke
Crossbow – F. Sylvester
Trail Camera – D. Lehr
Ladder Stand – L. Gingrich
Hunting Blind – L. Bender
2-way Radios – C. Bender
Gun Cleaning Kit – R. Kocher
Clay Thrower – S. Bender
$25 Gift Card – R. Kocher
$25 Gift Card – L. Gingrich

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February Meeting CANCELLED

February meeting is CANCELLED due to the poor road conditions going back to the clubhouse. The February gun ticket will be drawn at the March 2nd meeting.

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Happy New Year 2016!

DingerDeer_20152016 Officers
President: Wayne Dinger
Vice-President: Jay Locke
Treasurer / Secretary: Edmund Neidlinger

2016 Board Members
Scott Bender
Brian Gelsinger
Dwayne Kimmel
Richard Kocher
Deron Ludwig

Scott Bender won the Taurus Judge gun raffle. Michael Garver won the 50/50.

20 deer were harvested this year by members, including this monster by our new president, Wayne Dinger! 5 deer were found as unclaimed / poached.

New for this year, please MARK YOUR TREE STANDS with your name, phone number / email info so that any conflicts can be worked out between members. If you are OK or NOT OK with others going up in your stand, please mark that as well. Please remember that we share all of the land together, but we want to make sure everyone has ample room to not feel crowded.

We have the new combination locks on many of the gates. If they don’t lock easily, please don’t force them. The numbers must be on the correct combination to close.

We will have an in depth discussion about our food plot plan at our February meeting (Feb. 3). Please come out if you have any agricultural or planting experience, or would just like to help out.

Go shoot coyotes!!!

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Come to the November meeting!

Zach's BuckMake sure to come out to the November 4th meeting. We will be discussing nominations for the club officers & will see how well we did at the hayride.

Congrats to Zach Brigthbill on this buck, taken yesterday at the club!

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