Archery harvest so far.

Chase Bender 8 pt  and Larry  Bender 6 pt.

Send me your harvest pictures and info so I can post them. Text 7176296391.

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Hope just a one time thing

To the persons that decided to be a real sportsman like, and took my camera and tossed it and than took my straps and camera card thank you. I have had my stand there for 10 years and never any issues.  Give back card and straps. I have never messed with anyone’s stuff and if I did walk by your camera never even touched camera.  I hope this is just a once and done issue. If anyone else is having same issue let us know. I don’t get up often so very disappointed about this now I can’t see what was happening for the past 3 months. Usually nothing anyway just like that spot.

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Haunted hayride and walk thru CANCELED FOR 2017.

There will be no haunted hayride or walk thru for 2017. Do to members not having any interest in helping set up or help in the nights of the hayride.   There was only a few who wanted to do the haunt we thank you but we need more members to help.  I would like to thank  all whom have helped in the past for your time and energy  for doing the hay ride in the past.

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Who can shoot a doe and were.

Only kids  may shot a buck and a doe ON THE LEASE.

Only if you have been a member for 5 years and are a senior  licenses holder may you shoot a doe anywhere on the lease.  BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE NOT TAKEN A BUCK. ONCE YOU SHOOT A DOE YOU MAY NOT SHOOT  A BUCK. OR IF YOU HAVE SHOT  A BUCK  YOU MAY NOT TAKE A DOE ON LEASE.

AS A MEMBER SINGLE OR FAMILY, once you have shot a buck you may not take a doe.  As a family you each may take a buck but if one of your family would shoot a doe they now can not take a buck and NO ONE ELSE IN YOUR FAMILY CAN TAKE A DOE.

Anyone may take a doe in the hollow this season.  Please remember  once you take a doe YOU MAY NOT TAKE A BUCK. Unless your name was pulled for the doe raffle.

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Your help needed for work detail.

We have a long standing commitment to the community  to clean up the roads that are around our lease and it is that time again to have it cleaned up.   We also need to get no tresspassing posters up that help let others know they are on our leased land.  HUNTING TIME IS THE MAJOR CONCERN to get this done.  So your help is needed on September  17, 2017 at 8:00 am.  We will meet at the club house to see how many of our members show to help out.  We also will need firewood cut for the club house to be stacked outside by club house.  So if you have a chain saw please bring it to help out.  Please let us know asap if you will be making the work detail  call 717-442-4531  let Cindy a message that you are coming. Thank you for your support.

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July meeting 2017

There has been a lot of discussion about dues and the lease being able to be paid. Board members and members that attended the meeting agreed to have membership dues for AUGUST 2, 2017 will be $500.00 and there is no mandatory tickets sales and no mandatory work details. ( this does not mean that during the year there maybe tickets and work details, that will be available on voluntary bases or if hardship would come along and the club would need funds the board has the right to make mandatory at that time.)

The board members and members at the meeting voted that **ALL MEMBERSHIPS DUES ARE TO BE PAID ON OR BEFORE AUGUST 2, 2017 MEETING.** There is only going to be 40 members accepted at this time. There is also going to be no pro-rating dues at anytime of the year.

Doe raffle was held $5.00 a ticket with 10 pulled to be able to harvest a doe anywhere on lease and also harvest a buck.

There was around 16 members that came to the meeting.

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Issue fixed

March work detail  and minutes for meeting was deleted  by Web master. So that is why was not seenough til April 12th.  I have problem fixed now. Thank you.

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Issue fixed

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Work detail info.

April 23, 2017 8 to 12 is WORK DETAIL







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Bruce Schneck will be missed.

screenshot_2017-02-20-22-39-55Bruce Shneck has been a long time member of BMHC. We recieved word of his passing this weekend.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

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