February Meeting CANCELLED

February meeting is CANCELLED due to the poor road conditions going back to the clubhouse. The February gun ticket will be drawn at the March 2nd meeting.

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Happy New Year 2016!

DingerDeer_20152016 Officers
President: Wayne Dinger
Vice-President: Jay Locke
Treasurer / Secretary: Edmund Neidlinger

2016 Board Members
Scott Bender
Brian Gelsinger
Dwayne Kimmel
Richard Kocher
Deron Ludwig

Scott Bender won the Taurus Judge gun raffle. Michael Garver won the 50/50.

20 deer were harvested this year by members, including this monster by our new president, Wayne Dinger! 5 deer were found as unclaimed / poached.

New for this year, please MARK YOUR TREE STANDS with your name, phone number / email info so that any conflicts can be worked out between members. If you are OK or NOT OK with others going up in your stand, please mark that as well. Please remember that we share all of the land together, but we want to make sure everyone has ample room to not feel crowded.

We have the new combination locks on many of the gates. If they don’t lock easily, please don’t force them. The numbers must be on the correct combination to close.

We will have an in depth discussion about our food plot plan at our February meeting (Feb. 3). Please come out if you have any agricultural or planting experience, or would just like to help out.

Go shoot coyotes!!!

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Come to the November meeting!

Zach's BuckMake sure to come out to the November 4th meeting. We will be discussing nominations for the club officers & will see how well we did at the hayride.

Congrats to Zach Brigthbill on this buck, taken yesterday at the club!

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Work Detail October 18 at Noon

BMHC_Hayride_851x315Come out to help set up for the annual Haunted Halloween Hayride! It’s our largest fundraiser of the year. Bring cordless drills & drywall screws – weed wackers – brush saws etc. If you are able, please bring out something to set along the drive to scare the hayriders!

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Haunted Halloween Hayride 2015!

BMHC_Hayride_1280x1280If you are going to help with the haunt in any way, please let us know what you are doing! If you’re putting something out along the road coming in (even if you can’t be there that weekend, you can still set something up with a battery – let us know to turn them on / off).

If you’re going to help with the walk through, please let Cindy know ASAP. It takes A LOT of planning! Cindy needs 10+ people to scare and if you’re not into that, she still has things to do for the walk through. At this time, Cindy only has 4 people to scare! Please let her know at 717-629-6391 (text is best). If you’re helping with the walk through, Cindy needs you there by 5pm on Friday, October 23rd so she can let you know your spot & do a dry run. You DO NOT need to be a member to help in the haunt. Friends & family are encouraged to help out!


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IMG_2241We need your help THIS SATURDAY 9/26 at Noon. The Garvers have agreed to do the walk through again this year, but only if people help them out! Please show up to help get the spooky walk through ready for the 2015 Haunted Hayride. Please bring battery drills, hammers, chain saws, sledge hammers – Any materials you may have laying around you don’t need: Halloween props, chicken wire, old sheets, plywood etc. The more people who show up, the quicker it can go!

Also, we will need YOUR HELP to SCARE on Friday & Saturday, October 23 & 24 during the hayride. Please set one or both of those evenings aside to come out & help the club for our largest fundraiser of the year!

Buck sent in this bear pic. He says there’s at least 3 moms out there with cubs. Should be a great year!

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Dues are DUE!

Yearly dues are DUE at the August meeting on Wednesday, August 5 at 7pm. Dues will remain the same for the ’15-’16 year. You either pay $550 flat, with no mandatory gun ticket sales, or $355 plus mandatory monthly gun ticket sales (6 tickets at $5 each every month). Those members that choose the gun ticket option MUST sell all of their gun tickets or purchase them themselves or they will not be allowed hunt or rejoin. Applications will be available at the meeting, or you can download & print one HERE.

There is no gun ticket for the August meeting. We have Pick 3 tickets for those members who normally sell gun tickets. Each ticket is $5 and pays $200. We will use the EVENING numbers on August 5th from the Pennsylvania Lottery HERE. Winners are asked to call Edmund at 717-523-1054 if they are not at the meeting & they have 30 days to claim their prize (by September 4th, 2015).

There will be a work detail on Sunday, August 9th from 8am to Noon. We want to get the locks changed to the combination locks, patch the roof on the club house, cut grass & post the property. Any new members who would like to learn the boundaries, this is a great opportunity to go along and help post.

Brian Gelsinger won the 50/50 & Kris Bender won the gun raffle at the July meeting – congrats!

DOE hunting for ’15-’16: Doe hunting rules will remain the same as last year. Junior (16 & under) & Senior (65+) hunters will be allowed to take a doe anywhere on the property. Regular adult members can take a doe in the Hollow (the pole line to 209). To encourage youth hunting, we allow Juniors to take both 1 doe and 1 buck. For everyone else, there is a 1 doe per paid membership policy. That means if a husband takes a doe in the hollow, his wife will only be allowed 1 buck. A legal antlerless doe tag is required.

There will be a doe raffle at the August meeting. 5 tickets will be drawn at $5 a ticket. This ticket will allow a regular adult member to take a doe anywhere on the property instead of just down in the hollow. The ticket does not allow for an additional deer to be taken, it just allows them to take a doe wherever they are on the property. A legal antlerless doe tag is required.

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July Meeting

The July meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 8th (not the 1st), please note.

Also, we had discussed getting together to do some planting at the food plots this weekend, Saturday 6/27. We will NOT be doing this anymore. We will discuss the food plots further at the July meeting.

If you have any pics from the Pig Roast, please send them my way!

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Work Detail Sunday, 6/7 from 8am – Noon

Bonnie Bender won the monthly gun raffle & Buck won the 50/50.

We discussed the plans for the Pig Roast (Saturday, 6/13 at Noon). Please see Larry if you haven’t received tickets or need extras to sell!

This Sunday, 6/7 from 8am – Noon, we will have a work detail. Please bring weed wackers if you have one. We will be giving the club house a good cleaning, cleaning off the picnic tables, cutting grass, cleaning up the club house area in general & painting the hay wagons. The locks should be getting changed as well, and the food truck will be brought back up.

After the work detail, we plan to go shoot some clays, so please plan on sticking around if you can.

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