April Meeting Highlights

BMHC_PigRoast_WEBWe discussed our agenda for the May 18 work detail. We will be fixing up the range & adding more to the backstop, painting picnic tables, working on the large generator, hooking up the gas lights in the clubhouse & working on the food plots. A committee has been set up to research & come up with a plan for the food plots this year as we had problems with weeds last year. Any members who might have knowledge to share or want to help, please reach out to Cindy Garver.

The Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for Saturday, April 19 from 2-5pm. All children are welcome – members’ children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors etc. There will be plenty of prizes, candy & eggs for all of the kids. If you have any donations or would like to help, please contact Bonnie Bender.

We discussed the upcoming Pig Roast. We will be finding out prices on live pigs (about 180 lbs live weight) to butcher. We will also be getting a new round of t-shirts & possibly sweatshirts. Tickets are available. Two are included with membership & additional adult guests are $15 a ticket. There will be all you can eat & drink, games, prizes, raffles, a block shoot & more.

The Jeep club is planning on holding a large “mud” type marathon event in September. We will plan on selling concessions & are looking into other ways to make some money for the club while there’s a large crowd available. If you have any suggestions, please make sure to bring them up at a meeting.

The monthly gun was won by Cody P.
The 50/50 was won by Scott B.

Please note, there WILL be a regular club meeting on Wednesday, June 4th. There was some confusion about that since the Pig Roast is on June 7th.

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March meeting highlights

Congrats to the Feb / March drawing winners!
Gift Card: Barry M.
Feb Gun: Mike T.
March Gun: Don K.
50/50: Roy H.
Coyote Contest winner: Kenny M.

Tickets for the pig roast will be available at next months meeting.

The scheduled April work detail has been moved to Sunday, May 18th from 8am-Noon so that it is closer to the date of the pig roast. The April & May meetings will be held on their regular days – Wed, April 2 & Wed, May 7. There will be no work detail in April!

Alfalfa & corn have been put out for the deer & they have been going crazy for the hay. Another load will be going to the club this Saturday, March 8th if anyone would like to come help move bales around the property.

The Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for Saturday, April 19. All are welcome – please feel free to bring friends & relatives. There will be hot dogs & drinks for the kids – plenty of prizes, candy & games. If anyone would like to donate toys, prizes, candy, eggs, baskets etc or help decorating, please contact Bonnie / Larry.

Gun tickets are going out soon if you didn’t get them at the meeting. They will be for April, May & June.

The gas lights have been purchased & we will be putting them in soon. Also, we will be working to make the range back stop larger. At the work detail, we will move over some more downed trees & get some fill dirt in there. Chris D. generously supplied some new heavy-duty posted signs to the club, thanks! He would like to go with someone who knows the boundaries & post them down in the hollow.

Next meeting: Wednesday, April 2 at 7pm

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Club meeting TONIGHT!

Been a while since our last meeting in January. Please come out tonight to support the club & voice your opinions / concerns! We will have 2 gun drawings to make up for February. Tickets for the Pig Roast will also be available. Tonight at 7pm!

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February meeting cancelled

Due to the poor weather, the February meeting has been cancelled. Gun raffles will be drawn at the March meeting.

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January highlights

News from the January meeting on the 8th:

Cody Peticher won the 1st round of the coyote contest with 40.5 lb – congrats! Tickets for the 2nd round are still for sale. Please see David L. or Buck B. for tickets. They should also still be available at Keefer’s gun shop & Dixon’s Muzzleloading shop.

As of the meeting the deer harvest was 22 (6 doe). I think there may have been a few more for the rest of flintlock season. Larry saw 14 people out on opening day – plenty of acreage to go around.

It was decided to add 2 gas lamps to the club house to provide light & a little heat for times when we don’t want to run the generator. Cindy will get the parts together.

We will be looking into adding hay bales out for the deer. If anyone has anything to use to keep hay bales dry that they wouldn’t mind donating or building, please let us know.

There’s a drawing for a $200 gift card – at the February meeting. Please see Scott B. for donation tickets.

If you use the generators, you must replace the fuel used. If you are unsure of what type of fuel to use or how to use the generators, please stop & call Larry, Edmund or ask someone who knows how to run it.

Gun tickets will be going until June. Jay L. won the gun ticket this month. Please contact Edmund if you need tickets.

We’re starting to think about the pig roast in June. If you have any ideas for prizes, games or entertainment, please bring your ideas to the meetings. Tickets should be made pretty soon. Your membership purchases 2 tickets. Others will be $15 per person. All you can eat & drink – roast pork, bbq chicken, games, prizes & raffles all day. Saturday, June 14 from Noon-5pm (or later).

We currently have about 60 members. We discussed putting the cap on at 70 members again, but the number hasn’t been finalized. If you have any friends or family who are on the fence about joining up, please let them know to do it now!

Hope to see people out at the next meeting on Wednesday, February 5 at 7pm!

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Meeting on Wednesday, January 8

Hi, just a reminder that the January meeting will be this Wednesday, January 8th at 7pm.

For anyone who’s interested, here’s an article about the effects of strong coyote populations on deer. http://www.huntingclub.com/straight-facts-how-coyotes-impact-deer-herds/

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Another bear!


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Opening day 2013

A few pics from opening day 2013. If you have any more, please send them in.

Rick_2013 Derron_2013 Rick_Deer_2013ReillyBender_2013

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Good luck!

Good luck to all you deer hunters! Shoot straight & be safe.

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Congrats to Bill B. on his bear!

Congrats to Bill B. on his bear!

“I got this 225 pound sow on opening day around 9 am. I shot it with a Winchester model 70 in 306. It was a mile and a half drag back to my truck. Thanks to George G., George H., Larry D., Rich H., and Wayne H. for all their help. You know who your friends are when you call them at 9am and they drop everything to come help you drag a bear out of the woods!

Bill B.”

BoyleBear_2013_A BoyleBear_2013_B BoyleBear_2013_C

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