August News

Dave Schaeffer won the 50/50
Chris McNeil won the cash donation

We’ve added a couple dates to watch out for:
— The next work detail is scheduled for Sunday, September 14 from 8am – Noon. There will be food after & hopefully a block shoot. We will be working to get ready for the Halloween Hayride as well as general upkeep on the clubhouse & doing work on the food plots if needed.

–The annual Haunted Halloween Hayride is scheduled for Friday & Saturday, October 24 and 25 (rain dates will be October 31 & November 1). Working the hayride will count as a work detail! More info on helping in the months ahead. We will also need someone to hand out fliers at the Pine Grove Halloween Parade the weekend before.

The board would like to make some clarifications on the taking of doe by members. Youth hunters may still take a doe anywhere on the property, in addition to a buck (2 deer) as we want to do anything we can to encourage kids with a solid interest in hunting. Seniors may take a doe anywhere on the property, but will not also be allowed to take a buck. Regular adult members may only take a doe in the Hollow (unless you won a doe drawing at the August meeting). Please ask someone or look at the map if you are unsure of where the Hollow is (area between the pole line & 209). Regular adult members are still only allowed 1 deer per season. If you take a buck, you can not also take a doe & vice versa. Excluding youth hunters, only 1 doe may be taken per family. For example, if a member’s wife takes a doe, the husband may no longer take a doe, but may still hunt for a buck. Please do not hesitate to contact a board member or officer for clarification or if you have any questions.

Dues are DUE! Please contact Edmund to re-up your membership or if you would like to join for the year. Now is a GREAT time to join up. Get some scouting in before the quickly approaching hunting season!

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Open House on Saturday, July 26 at Noon!


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Help needed on FOOD PLOTS

Cindy & Michael will be up on July 3rd, 4th & 5th working on food plots & they can use YOUR help! They will be spreading 18,000 lbs of lime before the rain hits. Please text or call Cindy at 717-629-6391 for times & info.

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2014 / 2015 Memberships

The 2014 / 2015 membership year is creeping up fast! Memberships are August – July yearly & this year we have a new dues option.
• Option #1 is to pay $355 by the August meeting and sell the mandatory gun tickets for the whole year (6 tickets at $5 each month).
• Option #2 is to pay $550 dues by the August meeting and not have any mandatory gun ticket sales – you will still have the option of selling & purchasing tickets if you wish.

The 2014/2015 Membership Application is available for DOWNLOAD HERE.
Please fill out the application & insurance waivers for all hunters on your membership & bring to a meeting or mail to:
Edmund Neidlinger
33 Pine Lane
Pine Grove, PA 17963

Gun raffle tickets should be at the August meeting for the WHOLE YEAR so you won’t have to wait on them. Please make sure to attend the August meeting if at all possible so that Edmund can hand the tickets to you in person so the club can save a few bucks on postage!

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Thanks for coming out to the Pig Roast!


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June Meeting Highlights

Pig Roast THIS SATURDAY, June 7 from Noon – 5pm!!!

2014-06-04 17.20.23

Gun Winner: Betty Morris
50/50: Edmund Neidlinger

Preparations for the Pig Roast this Saturday are under way. The pig will be roasted in a large pit, filled with wood & rocks set on the coals. There will also be chicken, hot dogs, beer, soda, soup, chili, filling & much more. You won’t leave hungry. Please remember that the Pig Roast is open to the public, so bring your friends or relatives along!

We are starting to plan for the new dues year (August to August). Scott will be working on getting gun tickets for the entire year, so they will hopefully be ready to grab when you re-up your membership or for new members joining up. The dues will still be $355 for members who sell gun tickets (mandatory 6+ tickets at $5 each month). For members who do not wish to sell tickets, they can pay a flat $550 up front in August.

There will be an OPEN HOUSE tour on Saturday, July 26 at Noon. Anyone who is interested in joining, please plan on attending then. If members have any friends or relatives who have expressed interest in joining up, NOW is the time to start thinking about that so they can be ready for the fall.

See you all at the Pig Roast on Saturday!

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Annual Pig Roast THIS SATURDAY!


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May Meeting Highlights

Edmund Neidlinger won the gun raffle
Waylon Bender won the 50/50

A big thanks to Cindy & Michael and the rest of the food plot committee for coming up with a plan for the plots this year. Cindy is planning on trying out Sunn Hemp to help keep the weeds down & restore nutrients to the soil. They will be up THIS WEEKEND, May 10 & 11 to start plowing/discing the fields – after some turkey hunting in the morning of course. They will start around 1pm if you are able to lend a hand. They will also be up on Saturday May 17th before the WORK DETAIL if you want to come up early.

The WORK DETAIL will be on Sunday, May 18 from 8am-Noon. Hot dogs & soda will be provided. Please bring chainsaws, rakes, gloves and any other tools you might have to clear brush & trees. We will be doing some work on the range, cleaning up in preparation for the PIG ROAST, cleaning along the road, installing gas lights, fixing the large generator & some electrical repairs, installing a sign at the entrance on Lincoln Road, and of course working on food plots. There will be plenty to do!

T-Shirts will be ordered to have at the PIG ROAST. Please contact Billie Jo or Cindy with sizes if you would like to pre-order. They will be without pockets unless you pre-order & specify you want a pocket, so please let someone know. The design will be posted on the Facebook group page for you to see.

Please let anyone you know who might be thinking about joining to get in touch with Larry as the new season will be approaching fast. We plan on having all 12 months of gun raffle tickets ready when people pay their dues in August. That way the club can save on postage sending them out & people will have them to sell in advance. The current plan is to keep yearly dues at $355 for members who sell or buy 12 months of tickets ($5 per ticket, 6 tickets per month), or pay yearly dues of $550 up front in August.

See you all at the WORK DETAIL on Sunday, May 18th!

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April Meeting Highlights

BMHC_PigRoast_WEBWe discussed our agenda for the May 18 work detail. We will be fixing up the range & adding more to the backstop, painting picnic tables, working on the large generator, hooking up the gas lights in the clubhouse & working on the food plots. A committee has been set up to research & come up with a plan for the food plots this year as we had problems with weeds last year. Any members who might have knowledge to share or want to help, please reach out to Cindy Garver.

The Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for Saturday, April 19 from 2-5pm. All children are welcome – members’ children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors etc. There will be plenty of prizes, candy & eggs for all of the kids. If you have any donations or would like to help, please contact Bonnie Bender.

We discussed the upcoming Pig Roast. We will be finding out prices on live pigs (about 180 lbs live weight) to butcher. We will also be getting a new round of t-shirts & possibly sweatshirts. Tickets are available. Two are included with membership & additional adult guests are $15 a ticket. There will be all you can eat & drink, games, prizes, raffles, a block shoot & more.

The Jeep club is planning on holding a large “mud” type marathon event in September. We will plan on selling concessions & are looking into other ways to make some money for the club while there’s a large crowd available. If you have any suggestions, please make sure to bring them up at a meeting.

The monthly gun was won by Cody P.
The 50/50 was won by Scott B.

Please note, there WILL be a regular club meeting on Wednesday, June 4th. There was some confusion about that since the Pig Roast is on June 7th.

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March meeting highlights

Congrats to the Feb / March drawing winners!
Gift Card: Barry M.
Feb Gun: Mike T.
March Gun: Don K.
50/50: Roy H.
Coyote Contest winner: Kenny M.

Tickets for the pig roast will be available at next months meeting.

The scheduled April work detail has been moved to Sunday, May 18th from 8am-Noon so that it is closer to the date of the pig roast. The April & May meetings will be held on their regular days – Wed, April 2 & Wed, May 7. There will be no work detail in April!

Alfalfa & corn have been put out for the deer & they have been going crazy for the hay. Another load will be going to the club this Saturday, March 8th if anyone would like to come help move bales around the property.

The Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for Saturday, April 19. All are welcome – please feel free to bring friends & relatives. There will be hot dogs & drinks for the kids – plenty of prizes, candy & games. If anyone would like to donate toys, prizes, candy, eggs, baskets etc or help decorating, please contact Bonnie / Larry.

Gun tickets are going out soon if you didn’t get them at the meeting. They will be for April, May & June.

The gas lights have been purchased & we will be putting them in soon. Also, we will be working to make the range back stop larger. At the work detail, we will move over some more downed trees & get some fill dirt in there. Chris D. generously supplied some new heavy-duty posted signs to the club, thanks! He would like to go with someone who knows the boundaries & post them down in the hollow.

Next meeting: Wednesday, April 2 at 7pm

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